Metal Dome RNN family

Our round Metal Dome are also available without dimple. Our tactile domes in round shape can also be custom made, either with or without dimple, with or without wings etc. They are available in different size, i.e. 4mm – 35mm. Please contact us for any questions or custom made request.

RNN round metal domes without dimple by True Tone Industries Ltd. with over 30 years experience.
Contact configuration:SPST N.O
Switching/working voltage:0.1 to 50V DC
Switching capacity:1 Watt
Switching current:0.005 to 100mA DC
Contact Resistance: <100 ohms
<1 ohm (with plating)
Contact bounce make:<0.3ms
Contact bounce break:<0.6ms
 Operation temperature rating: -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C
Storage temperature rating:-55 degrees C to +100 degrees C

The product information above subject to change. For up to date information, please contact our Sales Dept.

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