Dome Array

Dome arrays

Dome Array is getting more and more popular within the industry. During the PCB assembly procedure, just simply peel and place, omitting the complicated process of aligning and placing the metal domes onto the PCB one by one.  

All Dome Array order is custom made, and PCB design may also be required for tooling.
This can make sure the metal domes are aligned in their best position.

Dome Arrays are designed with domes of your choice, including shape, size, force and material etc.
Our engineer will also assist customers on picking the the best metal domes for their products. 

Regarding to customers’ requests on the tactile feeling, sound, and the purpose of the product, we can alter the material, size and type of the Dome Arrays (metal dome sheets).


Dome Arrays are widely used in various electronic devices, such as Mobile phone, remote control, keypad, keyboard, home appliances, calculators, television, and many more!

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