What is Metal Dome?

Metal dome (also named as Snap Dome or Tactile Dome), are one of the most important parts of a switch. Metal domes are mainly use in the membrane switches, printed circuit boards and flexible circuit boards etc.

Metal Domes (Snap Domes) are made with stainless steel with different thicknesses, they can also be gold plated or nickel plated. With the application of metal dome or snap dome, tactile switches are in normally-open condition.

When metal domes (or snap domes) are at rest, they are in dome shape with normally-open condition. When pushed, the dome collapses and close the circuit. When metal dome or snap dome collapse, it makes a “click” sound and a tactile feeling, therefore it’s also called Tactile Dome.

In order to fulfill customers’ needs, metal domes can be made into different shape and force, with or without dimples, with or without hole etc. Most common shapes of Metal Domes (Snap Domes or Tactile Domes) are round, triangular, 4-LEG (square or cross) and Oblong.

4 Leg Metal domes with Dimple (Gold plated / Nickel plated)

4-LEG metal dome is the most popular item among all. Metal domes are made from stainless steel, nickel-plated and gold-plated material.

Size and force of metal domes may vary but not limited to 4mm – 35mm and 180g – 500g respectively. Customers may choose from our existing models, and customized design are also welcome!

Our engineer are always willing to assist, and our sales team will offer you our best price! Please feel free to Contact Us now for more information.

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