Company Profile

Having engaged primarily in the domes industry for twenty years, True Tone has obtained the technology and experience in mastering the manufacture of metal domes switch.

To offer quality products, the company sources stainless steel from Japan for its low carbon content (0.08 percent) which offers excellent oxidation resistance, hardness and tensile strength.

Upon customers’ request, the company can also offer metal dome switch made of other materials. such as phosphor bronze plated with silver on one side for tactile switches.

Our Automatic Production of domes is 100% custom made to customers’ specific requirements in Hong Kong plant. We use Japan machineries for tooling, Sweden tool steels for moulds and Taiwan high speed presses for punching. Our monthly production capacity is up to 40 million metal domes. Currently on offer are more than 60 standard models. 

Quality Control is regarded as top priority. During the production process, each type of metal domes is physically checked every ten minutes.

The company’s metal domes are applicable to a wide range of electronic products, from toys to portable phones and high-end equipment; and various household appliances including microwave ovens. Various shapes and sizes are offered. Round, triangular, square and oblong domes are available to match the design of the membrane keyboard and fit in spaces on a PCB.

We also provide metal domes with legs, for easy assembly onto PCBs. When better electrical conductivity is required, domes with plating of gold, silver or nickel is available.

Offering reasonable prices, on-time delivery and quality products, the company is also capable of responding to customers’ enquiries quickly, helping them solve problems.