Metal Dome Specifications

To produce high quality metal domes end products, we believe that both material and tooling are very important.


Our stainless steel tactile domes are made from type 304 Stainless Steel. We selected this material because of its low carbon content (0.08%) which offers the best oxidiation resistance. Material thickness is .00240″, .00315″, .00395″ and .00470″. Material is Vickers Hardness Hv-380 to Hv-420, We purchase our stainless steel from the United States and Japan .


We have three (3) different tools for each dome size. We offer a wide range of actuation force (tactile pressure) for our tactile domes. With three different tools we can compensate for the material thickness and hardness variations and better meet your actuation force requirements. Our standard range of actuation force is from 100grams to 600grams. Upon request we can supply domes with actuation forces outside of our standard range, and custom dome designs are also available. We maintain our own in-house tool and die shop. 

Life Expectancy

Life cycles for our Metal Domes are up to 1,000,000 cycles.
Life expectancy of our Metal Domes (domes only, using an ASTM approved rubber tip) are stable. You may get different results in your life testing depending on :

  • The type and condition of the surface to which the dome is mounted.
  • The design of the tip that contacts the dome.
  • The amount of force and overtravel you apply to the dome.